Link Leecher–no more dreaded “404” for your visitors


Don't you hate visiting a web page where there are broken links? Links that should take you to just the right place for that tidbit of information you are looking for, or that great online bargain, or that swell new website you wanted to visit? It's just bad. What's worse than that? It's when you are the webmaster and it's your link that's broken.

Sure, you could spend a lot of time every hour or day or week making sure that all the links on all your pages are working, but maybe your time should be spend on something more interesting, to say nothing of more productive. What if you had a tool to take care of this chore for you?

Link Leecher is a free service that will check your links for you. It's an online app that takes your URL and visits the page and identifies all the hyperlinks in that document. You can then tell it to check the status of each of those links. Link Leecher can check all the links on a page, or you can use filters to specify which links you want to check. You can output your results onscreen as HTML, save to a text file, or even create an RSS feed.

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2 Responses to “Link Leecher–no more dreaded “404” for your visitors”

  1. Matt says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful software! It really helps. Also, thanks for this website because it is a real asset for those who love freeware. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Hey Blog Team,

    Thanks very much for posting about our Link Leecher website – we really appreciate it !

    We’re glad to hear that our Link Leecher is useful for webmasters.

    If you’re a big fan of audio blogs like we are, Link Leecher may also be helpful in finding all of the MP3 on a given webpage 😉

    Also, try using the Link List to RSS function on Link Leecher to keep track of changes to webpages that don’t yet offer their own newsfeeds. This function is also useful to track the changing rankings of search queries for certain queries by the various search engines.

    Thanks again for the mention !