Make Vista as comfortable as an old shoe with TweakVI


TweakUI used to be just the thing you needed to make your Windows system fly right. In one location, you could configure everything just the way you wanted it, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Then comes Windows Vista. Sure, it does more than any of its predecessors, but how do you make it bend to your will? How do you make it behave the way you want, for the way you work?

TweakVI may be the key to it all. The free "basic" edition of TweakVI will allow you to configure and optimize Vista so that it's just as comfortable to you as your previous system. Desktop preferences, start menu items, mouse behavior, and more–it's all in there. Rather than having to dig through layers of Windows interface, you can control it all from within TweakVI.

While there are paid versions of TweakVI available, the free "basic" edition will handle many of the configuration issues you run up against in Vista.

Since TweakVI tweaks Vista, you have to be running Windows Vista to use it, but you already knew that, right?

Download TweakVI

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