Big database power in a little tool: dBworx


Big jobs can require big tools. You don't build a house with a tack hammer, but you can drive tacks with it. If you've got a little mailing list to maintain, you don't need to get out the big guns and set up a heavy-duty SQL database that you need to take care of.

dBworx is a snappy little relational database manager app that is so small it will fit on a diskette. Don't let its small size fool you, though. It's a powerful tool, supporting multiple data types, including text, numeric, time and date, formulas, graphics, and more. An easy-to-use GUI allows you to quickly and easily create new databases, and to add and edit data. Supporting up to fifty
fields per record, you shouldn't have any problem getting everything you need entered into the system.

You can print reports and mailing labels from inside the app, or you can import and export data from and to other apps as well.

dBworx is a freeware Windows app that will run on any 32-bit Windows system from Win95 on up.

Download dBworx

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