Make sense of traceroute with WebHopper


Traceroute is an old command-line tool to see how data travels from any point on the Internet back to you. By sending a little packet of data up the wire, you can find out what path is being taken between you and the remote location, with information about how long things are taking. Useful, but not very friendly.

WebHopper puts a pretty face on traceroute's functionality. Along with the hostname and IP address of each server along the way, WebHopper will give you the physical location of each hop along the way. It makes it easy to see that the shortest distance between two points may indeed not be a straight line, and in fact that the email you send to the guy next door may indeed be routed through Cleveland along the way.

WebHopper is a Windows app, and should run on anything from Win95 or later.

Download WebHopper

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