Take control of your email newsletters with eNewsletter Manager Free Edition


Newsletters are a great way to reach a bunch of people. Folks who have agreed to receive your material look forward to the next installment, chock full of information. They're not the easiest thing in the world to manage though.

Along with creating the content for your mailings, there's the text-or-HTML question that has to be answered, as well as the whole administrative piece of keeping track of who has signed up. It can be pretty intense.

eNewsletter Manager Free Edition helps to make the newsletter process less painful. You can compose both plain text and HTML versions of your latest edition. It manages the database of your subscribers. And maybe most important of all, it automatically handles the opt-in and opt-out process. The last thing you ever want to do, of course, is send your mailing to people who don't want it.

eNewsletter Manager Free Edition requires Win98SE or later.

Download eNewsletter Manager Free Edition

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