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Your computer is a complicated place. Not only are there applications running on your system, like your email and word processing program, but there are also other things happening behind the scenes. In the PC world these are called "services" (similar to daemons in the *NIX world) and generally include housekeeping tasks that are performed automatically by your system. One of the characteristics of services is that they don't have a user interface, since they generally answer only to the operating system.

From time to time, you may need to manually start or stop a service. With a tool like ServiWin, you can easily identify the services on your system, their current status (started or stopped), and even how they are normally initiated (by the system, at boot time, manually, etc.). You can also start and stop services at will, which may help you in troubleshooting problems with your system.

A word of warning here: when you're messing about with services, you may put your system into an unstable state. Be sure you know what you're doing, and don't jump in willy-nilly, or you may create a more serious problem for yourself.

ServiWin requires WinNT/2k or later, and doesn't support Win9x or ME.

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