Your highlighters won’t dry out with Skim


As handy as computerized text is, sometimes it just isn't enough. If you're looking at a big chunk of text and you need to highlight passages within it, you may be tempted to print it out and go after it with your highlighter pens. What if you could mark it up without running it through your printer first?

Skim is a PDF reader and note taker. Along with opening PDF files, you can make your own annotations and add highlighting to the text. Skim stores your annotations in extended file attributes, which are similar to the resource forks often associated with Mac files. This means that your notes and additions, while always accessible to you, don't actually change the underlying PDF file itself. It also means that if you share these annotated files with other users, via email for example, that you will need to take special care to make sure that this metadata gets to your destination as well. The FAQs on the publisher's website gives strategies to use here.

Skim can also open the odd PostScript (PS) file you might have lying about, and convert it to PDF format.

To run Skim, you'll need OS X Tiger (10.4).

Download Skim

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