BGEye–it’s not a basket of puppies on your desktop


How compulsive are you? How much information do you need? Some folks are really into the plug-n-play mentality–those people tend to just want to use their computer to get the job done. There are those of the geekier persuasion–and you know who you are–who want to know everything about what their system's up to. Those people will probably like BGEye.

BGEye is basically a heads-up display of your system information. Rather than digging through dusty corners of your system to see what's up, BGEye takes tons of system information and puts in right out there in front of everybody. BGEye creates desktop wallpaper that shows you what's really going on under the covers.

Users can choose from a huge list of system info and attributes to keep track of. Time and date are included of course, but so is info about the behavior of various devices attached to- and part of your system–video card, network adapters, RAM and storage devices, peripherals, the whole nine yards. You can totally geek out while still trying to get some work done.

BGEye requires Win2k or newer. But if you're that geeky, you've already got that.

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