SheepShaver PPC emulator lets you run your favorite Classic apps on your MacIntel machine


Progress is a good thing. It generally makes things better–bigger, faster, stronger. Sometimes, though, things get left in the dust. When was the last time you bought a tape for your Betamax? (Kids, go ask your parents.)

Nowhere does the steady march into the future move more relentlessly than in the computer biz. You can hardly buy a machine or application where it isn't obsolete before you get the shrinkwrap off of it. One of the latest places where this has happened in Apple's change from PowerPC to Intel chips.

Along with all great new capabilities of the x86 architecture comes a great loss–you can't run Classic Mac apps any more. With PPC machines, you always had the option of running the great pre-OS X apps out there (a particular favorite of ours is Symantec's MORE, an outliner from way way back).

SheepShaver is a PowerPC emulator that allows you to run Classic apps on your MacIntel machine. Along with the application itself, you'll need a copy of MacOS and an appropriate ROM image (info on how to get a ROM image is included in the FAQs on the application's website). Once you load it all up, you will be able to run all your favorite Classic apps on your shiny new Intel box.

SheepShaver is a Mac application, but it also has Windows and Linux flavors as well.

Download SheepShaver

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