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It's important that web pages be coded correctly. Not only can incorrectly written pages cause problems for your human visitors, but in some cases, this can cause problems for search engine robots in getting your pages indexed for Google and the other search engines. If you can't serve your visitors well-formed pages, there's no telling what benefit they'll receive from visiting your site, assuming they can find it or see it at all.

RightWebPage is an HTML validator, but it's a validator with a difference. Not only will it examine and give feedback on the coding for your pages; it will also fix many of the problems that it finds on those pages. RightWebPage uses W3C standards, so you know its validations are valid. It can add missing height and width attributes for images, for example, which in turn helps your pages to load faster, as well as missing attributes for meta tags as well.

The app will also verify links from your site, looking for broken hyperlinks to missing pages–the dreaded "404" error. It's smart enough that it will even recognize missing page errors that are trapped and redirected to custom error pages.

RightWebPage is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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