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Way back when, everything was written on clay tablets and papyrus. Cumbersome, to say the least. After quill pens and typewriters had their day, eventually computers came on the scene. Easy to work with: you type stuff, you save it in files, and you're good to go.

Once you've created content, how do you go back and find it again? With clay tablets, you had to grab a pile and start reading through it. With the computer, you at least had a "search" or "find" command that allowed you to let your machine do the searching. You still had to know where to look, or where to tell your machine to look.

TextCrawler is a nifty tool that will search through multiple files and folders to find what you're looking for. "I know I wrote something about gadgets last week–or was it last year?" It can take a long time to figure-out where you've squirreled that information away. With TextCrawler, just tell it what you're looking for, and it'll dig through a mountain of files to find it. Through the use of Regular Expressions, your searching can take on a new complexity, since you can specify not only a text string, but also position in a sentence, paragraph, or document as well. Save those searches into the the Regular Expression library, and reuse them next time you're searching.

TextCrawler is a Windows app and is compatible with Win98 or later.

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