You can take it with you with podLoadr


Your iPod is a favorite bring-along item no matter where you go. You can jam a lot of stuff into that little package, and be on your way. Music, podcasts, all kinds of stuff to keep you occupied. What about bringing something other than audio content along with you?

podLoadr is a neat little tool that allows you to easily add text to your iPod. Using the Notes feature that was introduced in third-gen iPods, you can jam text into your iPod and bring it along. Whether text documents, web pages, RSS feeds, or other content, it's easy to upload them to the iPod, and then you're off and running. To look at your additions, just choose Extras > Notes and then select the item you want to view.

Because of the iPod's architecture, there are certain limitations here. Large documents will be broken into 4k chunks, and you can't have more than about 2000 individual notes.

podLoadr is alpha-level software, so be sure you have a good backup of any data or media files on your iPod, in case the unthinkable happens and you have to reformat it.

podLoadr is cross-platform, being built in Java. That means you will need to have the Java developers' kit or runtime installed on your system to use it. After that, it should run on anything that supports Java.

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