For time and date information, it’s almost MagiCal


Does anybody really know what time it is? With a computer, the answer to that musical question, of course, is "yes." All systems have clocks, and they do delight in showing them. Are your time and date monitoring needs met by the default display, or do you need something more?

MagiCal is a combination calendar and clock that will work with- or can replace your menubar clock. Using the Preferences panel, you can tweak formatting so that you can display time information in the menubar in a format that makes sense to you. Grab a preset format, or even design your own–it's up to you.

With MagiCal, you can drop grab a single month calendar, or you can tear the page off and create multiple calendars, which can be independently positioned on your desktop. It's an easy to look at two or more months at the same time, without having to flip back and forth between them. Handy when planning your life out.

While it won't add any more hours to the day, MagiCal will help you use the ones you already have more efficiently.

MagiCal is a Mac app and runs under OS X.

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