Make your correspondence all clean and neat with EasyEnvelopes


Nothing looks nicer than an envelope that's been computer-addressed. No hand-scribbled hard-to-read address, no off-center peel-and-stick label–it's the real deal. Unfortunately, it's a pain in the neck to print that address. You can bet that whatever you're working on, it isn't your word processor, yet that's the only place you can address that envelope. So now you've got to fire Word up and go through that whole rigmarole.

EasyEnvelopes is a Dashboard widget for Tiger (OS X 10.4). That means you can now print that envelope no matter what else you're working on. Just fire it up and go. You can do one-off labels, or you can grab contact information out of Address Book.

With EasyEnvelopes you can print standard-sized or custom envelopes. You can optionally add postal barcodes for five- or nine-digit ZIP codes, so your letter carrier will be a happy camper. With localization support, you can use correct format for addresses in Europe or other international locations.

EasyEnvelopes is distributed as a Universal Binary, so it'll work on both PPC and x86 machines.

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