Take control of your controller with Xpadder


Got a perfectly good gamepad, but a game that doesn't like it? Xpadder may be just what you're looking for.

Xpadder is a controller-to-keypad translator. You can run keyboard-only games by mapping keyboard keys to keys on your game controller. If you can type it, you can do it through your game controller. Even mouse commands can be emulated. Xpadder supports up to 16 controllers at a time, for multiplayer games.

Testimonials on the website tell stories of using Xpadder to create "hardware macros", where long strings of characters are mapped to controller keys, enabling users to perform complicated series of tasks with simple button presses.

Xpadder can auto-detect many controllers, but even if yours isn't one of them, you can still set it up manually to take advantage of the software. Along with "normal" controllers, Xpadder can work with any other type of controller: joystick, steering wheel, dance pad, and more.

You need to be running Win98 or better to use Xpadder.

Download Xpadder

3 Responses to “Take control of your controller with Xpadder”

  1. Caractacus says:

    I design flash games and have used Xpadder successfully to interact with the game elements, characters, etc.
    It does was it says on the can.
    A great little program!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I searched for program like this for a while. Good that i finally found this. It was easy to set up, and it works perfectly. Only problem, my game controller have only 8 keys, but for E browsing and watching youtube it’s easy. I don’t have to sit by desk any more to move cursor around. Nice!

  3. Eric says:

    This program is not free.

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