WinAudit tells you what you’ve really got in your system


Computers are, to say the least, complicated beasts. With all the pieces and data, it's impossible to stay on top of what all is there. Sometimes, though, you really need to know what you've got. Install a new app, add a new piece of hardware. Will the rest of your system measure up? Do you have enough RAM? A fast enough processor? The latest service pack?

WinAudit allows you to see what exactly you've got in that box on your desk. Hardware, software, settings–it's all there. It's small enough to run from your USB flash drive or a diskette. It doesn't require installation, so you can take it with you, and it won't clutter your system with extra DLLs and such.

WinAudit has been localized in many languages; it even has a Unicode version for languages that use two-byte characters.

You can run WinAudit on one system, or all your systems, so you can use it for your desktop or all the machines on your network

You can run WinAudit on just about any Windows system–even NT 3.51, for crying out loud!

Download WinAudit

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