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How much "stuff" do you have to keep track of? Email, stocks, sports scores, temperatures–the list does go on. You can track most of this stuff through your web browser, but then you've got a zillion windows open on your desktop, and with many of those you have to remember to refresh them to make sure you're looking at the latest and greatest, and not just last hour's news.

The folks responsible for KlipFolio call it "the world's smallest personal dashboard and sidebar." Essentially, KlipFolio enables you to use any number of "klips", little widget-like mini apps that allow you to monitor system performance (hard drive space, CPU and RAM usage), track weather info, track the latest additions to YouTube, monitor stocks and favorite webcams, and more.

With KlipFolio, you can drag your "klips" around your desktop and park them where you want them. You can create "groups", a way to glue several klips together, and drag them over to the side of your screen, or tuck them away in a corner so you can keep an eye on them without losing all of your precious desktop real estate.

KlipFolio is a Windows app and requires Win2k or later.

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