Grab a healthy serving of news with Snarfer


Snarfer is a newsreader that is equally comfortable with RSS, ATOM, or XML feeds. It has a shallow learning curve, so even newbies can be up to speed in very short order.

Along with plain-vanilla newsreading capabilities, Snarfer adds extra functionality. Newspaper view, for example, will allow users to read multiple messages in a single page. Message can be sorted, dragged around and organized in a user-configurable tree structure, to better match the way you read your news items. Web searches are persistent, which means that you only have to build your query once, and then Snarfer will continue to search for those keywords on an ongoing basis.

You can build filters to sort your incoming messages based on rules you define even before you see them. In addition, Snarfer will allow you to search across feeds, so you don't have to know where to look for messages, just what you're looking for.

Snarfer also includes a Search Wizard that makes it easy to build complex queries for both eBay and Craigslist, allowing users to always stay up-to-date on items from both of these important, time-sensitive sites.

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  1. conedude13 says:

    If i subscribe to say digg’s front page, for example, will it grab more than just the latest 20 stories? That was the problem with all of the readers out there that i found frustrating.

    I use just google reader now and they pull all new stories no matter how many there are.

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