WikyBlog combines wiki and blog features


According to Chevy Chase, new Shimmer was both a floor wax and a dessert topping. While WikyBlog won't make your floor shiny or go down well after dinner, it does combine two different functionalities into one product.

WikyBlog takes the collaboration and revision functionality of a wiki and combines it with the threaded comments of a blog. The result is an app that allows users to work together in ways not possible before. Create a wiki page, edit it–or allow others to edit it–start a threaded discussion, and so on.

The WikyBlog site is itself built using WikyBlog, so you can take a look and see what the app has to offer. A guest account lets you go in, move around, make a page or two, and try it on for size.

WikyBlog uses MySQL on the back end for its database, and requires PHP version 4, or make it easy on yourself and sign-up for an online account, and let the gurus at WikyBlog do the heavy lifting in terms of sysadmin stuff.

WikyBlog is available as both a download and a hosted service.

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