Stick is like sticky notes with a brain


Stick is a "virtual sticky-note" application. More than just an electronic PostIt note, Stick uses "tabs" to build little applets that hang out on your desktop.

With Navigator tabs (little file browsers), Internet tabs (little web browser windows), and Note tabs (small text editors), you can have just the smart tabs you need open and running on your desktop. The tab windows can dock to the sides of your screen, and collapse or expand as you use them. Plugins are available to extend the set of functionality of your tabs; these include a calendar, an RSS client, and even a simple calculator.

You can open collapsed tabs via mouse click or through hotkey combinations, guaranteeing you access even when your desktop is buried under other running applications.

Stick is a Windows app, and is compatible with Vista.

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  1. Carl Lum says:

    ‘Stick’ is one of those rare apps that make you go “Wow…” when you first run it. The design is so simple, so elegant, so intuitive that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Or how you lived without it. Or why hasn’t it been incorporated into Windows already. And the fact that it’s free is a wonderful bonus!

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