iPhoney: as close as you can get without camping out in line


If you were able to score an iPhone the first day out, congratulations! For everyone else, here's the consolation prize: iPhoney.

iPhoney is an iPhone simulator. While it doesn't place calls, and you can't upload your iTunes library into it, you can optimize your website for display in the iPhone's web browser. Sporting a 320 x 480 simulated display–or a 480 x 320 display–you can see how your web pages will appear on the iPhone's screen. Rotate the display to see it both ways.

In addition, iPhoney simulates the iPhone's user agent string, so you can check your redirects and other browser-specific behavior.

If you're developing web sites for the iPhone and don't have one of your own, you really need to give iPhoney a spin.

Two year contract not required.

iPhoney is a Mac app and requires OS X 10.4.7 or later.

Download iPhoney

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