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Wrike is an online planning tool with a difference. The difference is that tasks are entered via email. To assign a task to a team member, simply email them, with a copy to Wrike, and you've entered a task into the system. The subject of the email becomes the name of the associated task. There is also a web interface for entering and assigning tasks. Wrike monitors progress on tasks, and generates reminders automatically when changes are made or deadlines are hit.

All stakeholders have access to tasks, so they can be edited and updated by their author, the assignee, or even interested third parties. When changes are made, everyone is updated via on-screen message or email. You'll never have to wonder what the status of a project is at any time.

The free version of Wrike supports one user account and up to twenty tasks at a time.

Since Wrike is an online service, it will work for anybody with an email client and a web browser. Since you're reading this message, you're already qualified.

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3 Responses to “Work together smarter with Wrike”

  1. Ethan says:


    I just wanted to tell my own impression of Wrike. I’ve been using it for more than three months now, and it does the job perfectly. The difference mentioned, I mean the e-mail feature, is really great. The tool helps us to manage several projects simultaneously, and the whole process is reflected in the system. I always know about the current status of every task.

    Wrike also helps me in CRM. If our client needs some information on the work progress, we make parts of our project visible in Wrike, so that he can check which tasks are completed, and what has to be done next. If we want to keep some information on the project confidential, we just don’t share it. So we keep our private stuff to ourselves, and the client has the information he wants.

  2. Valerie says:


    Wrike has released the time tracking feature. Time tracking can help any company to increase productivity of their employees.

  3. Leah says:

    I’ve been experimenting with various project management tools and have discovered an excellent site. It is a very user friendly, web-based application that is well worth taking the time to explore. Take a few minutes and look at The tutorials are excellent & you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out how to use it. It even offers a free version so you can try it on for size.

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