You can leave your magnifying glass at home with ZoomIt


ZoomIt is a slick little tool designed to use during technical presentations. It will allow you to magnify regions of your screen, move around on-screen, and even make notes on the screen.

Sitting in the system tray, ZoomIt is activated via a hotkey combination. Once it's activated, you can move the magnified region around on the screen, and you can draw freehand figures with your mouse, or type annotations onto the screen.

Along with magnifying screens for your big presentation, you can use ZoomIt to make screens you're working on easier to read. As we become more youth-challenged (and our eyesight gets worse) , we find that sometimes our arms aren't long enough to really read the newspaper. At the same time, we have to get a real good squint going to make out some of the smaller details in images and text on our screens. A magnifier can come in handy at times like these.

ZoomIt is compatible with virtually all versions of Windows.

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