Finally a progress bar that really doesn’t mislead


Fake Progress Bar is exactly that. How many times have you started some process on your system and been greeted by the progress bar that never gives you any real information? It may be the blue line that never gets any longer, no matter how much thrashing your hard drive does. Or our favorite: the progress bar that actually indicates that there is more time left, the longer your process runs.

With Fake Progress Bar, you are finally the master of the nonsensical progress bar. You can configure it with a custom title, button labels, speed and progress indicators, and more. You can also override your screensaver. Just imagine how productive you'll look with the big progress bar running across your screen, while you catch up on your reading, IM-ing, of other not-so-productive pursuits.

Fake Progress Bar is a Windows app and will run on just about any version.

Download Fake Progress Bar

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