Find out whether it’s time to clean house with Disk Inventory X


Too much stuff. When you've got too much in your pockets, you can see them bulge. When kids have too much stuff in their backpacks, you can tell by the chiropractor bills. What about your computer? Too much stuff on the hard drive and it doesn't bulge; it doesn't make your system bend over and struggle to stand. But it can make it sluggish and just not as light on its feet as usual. But how do can you tell if it's too much stuff?

Disk Inventory X is a slick little tool that lets you take a look at your hard drive. Using a graphical representation called a "treemap", You can see just how much of your hard drive is taken up with your extensive music collection, or all those photos from last summer's vacation. The treemap uses rectangular regions with alternating horizontal and vertical orientations to represent the chunks of your hard drive taken up by documents, images, and other files. With an accompanying key, it's easy to visualize how much of your drive space is taken up by which types of files.

Disk Inventory X is a free Mac application and requires OS X 10.3 or later.

Download Disk Inventory X

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