Your system is an open book–close it with Seconfig XP


By default, Windows boxes have had a bunch of security vulnerabilities built-in. Many ports–endpoints for computer-to-computer communication–were left open out of the box. Unfortunately, it is these very open ports that can make Windows vulnerable to exploits by the bad guys. Many of these ports really don't need to be open, but it isn't always easy to figure out how to close them down.

Seconfig XP is a helpful application that can give you a hand in locking down those communications ports that don't need to be open. While it gives hardcore sysadmin folks the power to tweak the machines in their charge to exactly how they want them configured, it also has three preset configurations to allow the rest of us to better secure our systems. Whether you run on a Microsoft network a standalone machine, or access a Microsoft network through a VPN, there is a preset that will lock your system down and make your life a whole lot safer.

When you run Seconfig XP the first time, it saves your current configuration, so if you need to roll back to your original state, it's an easy restore.

Seconfig XP runs on Windows 2000 or later.

Download Seconfig XP

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