It’s safer to play in the sandbox


In the computer biz, a "sandbox" is a tool used to run programs on a system where there are tight controls on those apps, making it safe to run untested or potentially dangerous code on a computer. The stuff running in the sandbox is very limited in its interaction with the rest of the system, meaning that some nasty of malware isn't going to eat your computer's lunch while it's being run in the sandbox.

Sandboxie is a free sandbox app you can run on your machine. It stands between unknown, untested, and potentially unsafe applications and your hard drive, registry, and all. The "stuff" in Sandboxie is only alive as long as it is; once you quit, it all goes away. That means that you can visit unknown websites without having to fear that you will catch something nasty during your visit.

To start a Sandboxie session, you just right-click on its icon in the System Tray. At that point, you can choose to run a web browser or any other application in the sandbox.

Sandboxie is a Windows app and requires Win2k or later.

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