Edit your web pages hands-on without having to memorize the instruction manual with Alleycode


Setting up and maintaining a website isn't the hardest thing in the world, but it's not the easiest thing either. You can geek it out and hand-code everything in a text editor, or you can go to the opposite extreme and use a hard-core WYSIWYG editor, where you never see any actual HTML code at all. Then there is the middle way.

Alleycode is a free HTML editor. Along with the usual bells and whistles–syntax highlighting, table wizard, special character insertion–it provides extra help with stylesheet coding and embedding PHP code in your pages. One particularly handy feature is the "Synchro View". While not really a WYSIWYG editor, its split screen lets you look at your source code and the rendered page at the same time. Highlighting a passage of your page's code will show the corresponding passage on the rendered page at the same time–a real time saver when you're working several levels deep in a complicated table structure.

Alleycode will run on any 32-bit Windows platform, from Win95 on up.

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