You’ll be asleep in no time when you’re Counting Sheep


Do you like to go to sleep listing to the dulcet tones of iTunes, or while watching your favorite DVD? Do you hate it when your system runs all night? You can have you cake and eat it–or at least have your music and listen to it–with Counting Sheep.

Counting Sheep is a system timer that lets you shut down after a specified period of time. Just set the hours, minutes, and seconds, hit the start button, and when Counting Sheep gets to zero, it just shuts your system down. If you prefer, you can put your Mac to sleep instead of shutting down, so both you and your system can get that much-needed shut-eye. There's a cancel button as well, so if you decide you want to stay up late with the big kids, you aren't going to have your computer shut down on you.

Counting Sheep is a Mac app that requires Tiger (OS X 10.4).

Download Counting Sheep

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