TinyPic may be the best friend of people with dialup connections


For whatever reason, not everybody has a broadband connection. Whether because of owning old equipment, being in a rural location without high-speed service, or some other reason, some folks still have to depend on the old reliable 56kbps modem. Not too bad, until somebody decides to email you full-size pictures of their recent vacation. At five minutes per megabyte, it could be a long night trying to download all those images. Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to squish those pictures down into a more bandwidth-friendly form?

TinyPic is a helpful tool that takes images that are too large and whittles them down to size. Since it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, anybody can figure out how to use it. Presets allow you to take any image and make it supersmall (with some loss of quality), as well as small, medium, or full screen in size. Just drag the image onto the app, click on a radio button, and you're done. You can also convert images to .gif format, although of course this works best with black-and-white or images, or drawings with a limited number of colors. You've got flexibility in naming your new images, so they aren't just assigned random strings of characters.

TinyPic runs on systems with Win98 or later.

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