Fight global warming with Local Cooling


Excess consumption of fossil fuels leads to creation of more greenhouse gasses which leads to global warming. Whichever side of the argument you come down on–it's real or it's all made up–it's safe to assume that we could all use less energy in our daily lives. Even if it doesn't save the planet, cutting back on our energy consumption will have a measurable effect on our ban balances. Use less energy, spend less money–a pretty simple calculation.

Our computers use a fair amount of energy. Monitors, disk drives, fans, all the electronic bits in our systems want to be fed. More than just a power management system, Local Cooling gives you feedback on how much energy you are saving when you implement more strict limits on your PCs power consumption. Data is displayed in terms of the number of trees you have saved, the gallons of oil you haven't used, or maybe primary to your bottom line, it tells you how may kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity you haven't consumed, and that translates directly into dollars saved on the bottom line.

Local Cooling is a Windows app, although the developers report they've got a new multi-platform version in the pipeline.

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