An old guy with a white beard helps you keep organized: Noah


Information overload. We all have so much stuff to keep track of: email, websites, newsfeeds, desktop documents. Often we have a separate application to use to interact with this information. Email client, web browser, feed reader, productivity tools. That's a lot of tools to use for a lot of information. Streamlining that process would be a good thing, right?

Noah is a tool to help with that very problem. Rather than dealing with a bunch of separate "data islands", Noah provides a way to organize and retrieve data from all these separate sources. With Noah, you can organize your life so that all information pertaining to a particular project, individual, or topic can be found easily. Noah filters in the relevant data, organized by date, while hiding the extraneous stuff, so that you can focus on what is important to you. With Noah, you won't have to dig through mountains of spam or long lists of bookmarks to find what you need for that important sales meeting–it's already there waiting for you.

An online video tutorial helps you get up and running quickly, so you won't get bogged down learning the tool that keeps you from being bogged down anyway.

Noah is a Windows app and runs on XP.

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3 Responses to “An old guy with a white beard helps you keep organized: Noah”

  1. Fran Bott says:

    Boy am I impressed. This program is not for the average individual with just a few emails to read each day, but for the person that really needs to be organized and have everything in one place – and you can sure do it with this program.
    I just got through going through the tutorial (and I highly recommend it) and it is amazing what can be done with this program. I think I will be saying goodbye to Outlook.

  2. Jack Konrath says:

    Remember “Ecco”? This program is Ecco reincarnated as a modern up-to-date PIM. I used to be an avid Ecco user until NetManage abandoned the program when Microsoft came out with Outlook. I quite literally “lived” in Ecco. Now I have a place to “live” again… and this environment is even better! You can organize every aspect of your life with this program. Freeware? Incredible!!!

  3. Debra says:

    Why is this being advertise for when its not, deception is not a good thing for business.