Speed up your apps without speeding up your machine with Speed Freak


Your Mac is a busy place inside. Along with your word processor, web browser, email client, and all the other programs you're running, there are all kinds of system programs running at the same time. Under OS X, all of these individual processes are supposed to get the same amount of processor time. That means that your resources are being spread pretty thin, especially if you're actually trying to do something. Wouldn't it be nice if the app you are working with right now actually got a performance boost, so that it did things faster than all that other stuff out there?

Speed Freak may be the answer you're looking for. Using some behind-the-scenes UNIX sleight-of-hand, Speed Freak makes sure that the active app, the one you're working with, gets the highest priority in scheduling processor time. That means that your work will get more attention than the other things that are happening in the background. That means that you get done sooner, while that second-tier stuff still gets enough processor horsepower to get the job done.

Some of the "slow" you experience may come from things like your connection speed to the Internet, and Speed Freak won't do anything to help that. But when you're working with things on your machine, it can definitely give your work an added boost.

Speed Freak is a free download that runs on Mac OS X 10.4. There is also an older unsupported version for 10.3 users.

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