Tuck your email safely in your pocket with Reach-a-Mail


Reach-a-Mail is a teeny, tiny email client. You can load it onto a USB thumb drive, and you've now got portable email. Plug it into any Internet-connected computer and you can access all your POP email without having to install anything on the host machine. It has a simple address book, or grab your contacts from Outlook Express and you've got everything you need to conduct business from your USB drive.

Easy to configure, you can choose to leave your messages on the server, so that you can grab them later with your regular email client. You have the choice of downloading message headers only, for speed, or entire messages, so that you have real email functionality. Sending and forwarding of email is also supported,

Reach-a-Mail is a free Windows program that will run on any system with Win98 or later.

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One Response to “Tuck your email safely in your pocket with Reach-a-Mail”

  1. Richard van Buren says:

    Although I see the need that some may have foran application like this, including myself, there is one thing keeping me from downloading this:

    Form the web site (under the header “What is difference between Reach-a-Mail and Reach-a-Mail Professional? At the righ-hand side:

    1. No more annoying ads in every letter attached to your message.

    You mean this thing is going to turn every message I receive into an ad of some kind?

    In the first place I wonder whether that is legal, altering a document not owned by this company.

    Secondly, if this is true (and I am *not* going to test it, I believe the producer’s web site), then this is “nagware to the extreme|”.

    No thanks, there are better and really free solutions available.

    Richard van Buren.

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