Looking for interesting new tools we stumbled upon StumbleUpon


Search engines give you lists of pages that match the keywords you're searching on. That's okay much of the time, but it also means that you may have lots of extra material to dig through. Just because they match your keywords doesn't necessarily mean that they are really what you're looking for.

Web directories can be a help in organizing information out there, but you're stuff with predefined categories and the judgment of the editors as to where a given page will land. If you don't think like the editors, you'll never find what you're looking for.

StumbleUpon is a like a web directory crossed with an online community. Users make recommendations of pages that they've found, so you can look at pages that are given a "thumbs up" by people who are interested in the same things you are. Rather than an impersonal editor who has to review tons of pages, you're now getting recommendations from folks who share your interests and passions. That means that rather than just matching keywords, or hitting some predefined categories, you will find pages and sites that are relevant conceptually to what you are really looking for.

StumbleUpon is available as a toolbar add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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