Share files easily with HFS, the HTTP File Server


File sharing is an important productivity aid. Having the ability to share documents, diagrams, or other data among team members goes a long way toward getting work done quicker and more effectively. Unfortunately, the price of admission can be fairly steep when you consider the complexity of setting up and maintaining various file sharing server apps.

HFS, the HTTP File Server (no relation to the Macintosh file system of the same name), is a personal file server application that uses HTTP to transport files to and from the server. If you have a web browser, you already know how to use HFS.

Setup is simple to set up and runs right out of the box. A user-friendly interface lets you tweak settings to make things "just right". While HFS is a "real" webserver, it doesn't support server-side scripting or some other more advanced functionality. Its main purpose is that of providing a platform for filesharing, and it does that well.

As will all filesharing setups, remember to only share data which you own or have rights to–no piracy, right? And also remember that giving access to machines that aren't on your network means that you have to provide an opening through your firewall, so take all standard precautions there.

HFS will run on most any modern flavor of Windows.

Download HFS

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