Manage the clutter with ShortcutMan.G

screenshot of ShortcutMan.G

ShortcutMan.G is a handy app that lets you organize up to twenty quick start icons on your Windows system. Rather than having them spread all across your desktop, with ShortcutMan.G, you can put shortcut icons for the apps you use most often all in one handy location and grab them from your System Tray. Add icons by browsing for them, or just grab them and drag into the ShortcutMan.G window.

You can organize your icons however it makes sense to you. You can set the orientation of the ShortcutMan.G window to either vertical or horizontal. With the ability to change and tweak the icons themselves, you can make sure that you don't have to deal with multiple instances of the same icon–always a problem when you are accessing directories on your system, since by default all Windows file folders share the same icon.

You can choose to have any of your shortcut apps start with Windows, or to wait for you to start them manually.

ShortcutMan.G is a Windows application.

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