Avoid a common pain in the neck – or wrist – with Workrave

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Repetitive Strain Injury is a serious issue for regular users of the computer keyboard and mouse, as well as for others who work a lot with their hands. While we can't help non-computer users, there is an aid available for computer users.

Workrave may help you avoid and recover from RSI-type injuries. Based on the principle of "micro-pauses", Workrave encourages you to move or reposition your hands, as well as to get up and move from your seat. By popping a reminder up on your screen, you are reminded to take a micro-pause, a rest break, or even to end your day, based on total elapsed time for the day. By breaking, or at least changing your position, you may help to avoid these kinds of serious repetitive strain problems.

You can configure Workrave to set intervals between breaks, and the length of those breaks. In addition, reminders can include exercises you can incorporate into your day

Workrave is available for Windows and Linux systems

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