Turn back time with TimeDrawer

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Creativity and industriousness are good things. You start a job; you keep working on it; you have brilliant "ah ha!" moments. Whether you're writing the great American novel or the next killer software app, you are on a roll. And then it happens.

Oops–that last change didn't work. And it broke what was there before. Now what do you do? If only you could turn back time. Good thing you're using TimeDrawer.

TimeDrawer is a standalone revision control system. When you run it on your system, it keeps track of your changes, as often as each time you save your document or other file. That means that when you break your code, or accidentally delete your last chapter, you can get it back. Rather than having to re-create what was just lost, you can just go grab an earlier version.

On a less dramatic level, TimeDrawer isn't just a disaster recovery system, It can help you to keep track of your intentional changes as well. It uses highlighting to make it easy to see what has changed in one version of a document compared to earlier versions. Now you can stay on top of your edits and keep your project on track.

TimeDrawer is a Mac app and requires version 10.4 of OS X.

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