Stay on top of shared expenses with Billshare

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Splitting a check at lunch can be complicated. Splitting the cable bill? Even more so. How much do I owe? Have you paid yet?

Billshare is an online service that helps roommates or others with shared bills to keep on track of who owes what. Better than just sharing a spreadsheet, Billshare allows you to enter bills, generate "receipts"–a list of payments that need to be made by each group member–and get statistics of the bill and payment history. There's an RSS feed that allows you to be updated immediately when new bills and payments are posted to your account. You can post messages to other members of your group on the "group wall".

Signup is easy: just create an account for each bill sharer. Once you're in, create a group with each of you as members, and there you go. Your data is safe, being secured using the latest and greatest state of the art methods.

Since it's an online service, Billshare should be available to anyone with a current-generation web browser and an Internet connection.

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  1. Tim says:

    Hey, also check out Buxfer ( It lets you track shared expenses, as well as keep a tab on your own spending. Pretty cool features!

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