Keep your hard drive tidy with AppCleaner

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It' s fun and exciting to get new software. Whether it's the next great productivity tool, the be-all and end-all app for communications, or even the best game ever, we all enjoy loading new "stuff" onto our systems. sometimes, though, the excitement wears off. It could be something as simple as beginning to run out of room on your hard drive; or it could be that the new program that promised such great leaps in your productivity doesn't deliver. Now you have to get rid of that app.

Some software comes with thorough uninstallers. Others may just grab a few key files but leave their fingerprints all over your system. some may have no uninstall at all, and leave you to rely on your own wits to clean things up.

AppCleaner is an app that uninstalls all of the stuff that has been installed. Along with the main executables, it goes out and grabs all the configuration files, preferences , and all the other "stuff" that really adds up to fill up your system. Sure, it works for regular desktop applications, but it also deals with getting rid of widgets and preference panes as well. You can also "protect" selected apps, so that they can't be inadvertently removed.

AppCleaner is a Mac app; it's distributed as a Universal Binary and requires OS X 10.4.

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