PagePlus SE flattens the steep learning curve for DTP apps

screenshot of PagePlus SE

Desktop publishing is a big deal. The popular tools available to you, like InDesign and Quark, are pretty expensive and have a very steep learning curve. They may be great if you're laying out a newspaper, or creating the next mail order catalog. But what if your DTP needs run more along the lines of greeting cards and posters?

PagePlus SE is a more modest, and certainly a less expensive alternative, to the mainstream applications. It comes with a host of templates for common needs, like booklets and banners. Rather than having to spend all your time learning how to use the tool, the tool can help you to get real work done.

QuickShapes can make an artist out of the design-challenged, and built-in color schemes can make it look like you know what you're doing, even if you really don't.

Also available for free download are advanced template add-ons, that allow you to just enter your text into pre-fab designs and go.

PagePlus SE is available for free and runs on any Windows platform from Win95 forward.

Download PagePlus SE

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