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screenshot of DrawAnywhere online drawing and diagramming tool

Sometimes nothing beats a good flowchart. You can describe a process, you can sketch and doodle, but if you really want to explain how something happens, a flowchart is about as clear and unambiguous as you can get.

With flowcharts, not only does everything have a nice arrow on it, telling you which direction the work flows, but the symbols used in them all have standardized meanings. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then those little boxes, diamonds, and parallelograms must be worth at least 500 words each.

DrawAnywhere is a free tool that puts the power of flowcharts at your command. Rather than having to spend big bucks and suffer a steep learning curve with an app like Visio, DrawAnywhere is available online for free use. There's nothing to buy, nothing to download. If you have a modern browser, you're already set to use it.

Along with flow charts, you can use DrawAnywhere to lay-out organization charts as well. Those are kind of like flow charts, except we already know which direction "stuff" flows, right? (Downhill, of course.)

DrawAnywhere is an online tool. You can use it from any system that has Internet access, a web browser, and Flash 9.

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