Play the drum solo from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on your desktop

screenshot of MacDrumset

Air guitar is all the rage. Keyboard simulators are pretty easy to find. What if your predilection run more toward the percussive end of the spectrum?

MacDrumset is a drum simulation app for the next Buddy Rich (or John Bonham, without the whole dying part). Using nothing but your computer keyboard, you can play your heart out on a virtual drum kit with a kick drum, three snares and toms, two cymbals, and even hand claps to round out the collection. There are also a couple of built-in rhythms, for times when you just feel like phoning it in.

There's nothing too fancy about MacDrumset, but it is a fun little diversion, and hey, if you're going to be drumming your fingers on the desktop, why not include a good rimshot or crash from time to time.

MacDrumset is a MacOS "Classic" app. It runs under OS 9 or in "classic" mode for OS X systems so equipped.

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