I don’t care whether you can read it–Copy It Anyway

screenshot of Copy It Anyway

You've seen it: yesterday file X was fine, but today it's broken. Whether it's a hard drive crash or just a system hiccup, all of a sudden you can't read a file. Now that you can't read it, you can't copy it, you can't fix it, and all that. You probably know that there's a problem with the file. Wouldn't it be nice if you could copy it anyway?

Copy It Anyway is a tool that allows you to do just that. Instead of losing a file because one piece of it is broken, you can now grab the parts that aren't broken–which is often the bulk of the file–and take it elsewhere to work with.

You can run Copy It Anyway through its GUI, for easier scenarios, or from a command prompt, allow you to construct complex batch files to deal with multiple files in multiple locations.

Copy It Anyway is a Windows app that should run on anything from Win98 forward.

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