This DSL doesn’t require a phone line

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Apps that live on a thumb drive are handy. You can carry your stuff around with you and run it wherever you find a suitable machine, without having to tote your laptop or (shudder!) a desktop machine around with you. What about a whole system on a thumb drive?

DSL ("Damn Small Linux") is a full Linux system that will fit onto a CD, thumb drive, or can be loaded onto the hard drive of your computer. Only 50MB in size, this distro will run on as little as a '486 with 16MB of RAM; or it functions as a full system with only 128MB of memory. You can even run it inside of Windows if you are so inclined.

While it's not got all the bells and whistles, DSL comes with a respectable cohort of software, including a desktop GUI, a media player, web browsers(including Firefox), word processor and text editors, and oodles of other stuff.

Linux has always been an interesting way to make use of some of the older machines you've got lying around, since there are many versions that don't require the horsepower of an XP or Vista. DSL takes this to the extreme.

DSL runs on x86 machines.

Download DSL

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  1. Frank says:

    This Linux installation sounds interesting. But, where do I start. The download stes show multiple files but no information about how to use them. How do i eve get started?

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