If you manage projects, you need OpenProj

screenshot of OpenProj

Life is complex and complicated. There's always too much to keep track of, and after a while the PostIts around your monitor, or the pile of legal pads on the floor just don't cut it any more. How are you going to keep track of all this stuff: people, tasks, dates?

Microsoft Project is the standard for managing complex projects. Paying a lot for it is also the standard, unfortunately.

OpenProj is a free, open-source project management application. Fully compatible with MS Project, you can import your existing files. For new projects, you can enter tasks and milestones, and define dependencies. Use Gantt and PERT charts to visualize your projects and timelines, giving you the information you need to keep on top of things.

OpenProj is available for Windows in an .msi installer; versions are also available for Linux and other UNIX-es (Unicies?) as well as OS X.

Download OpenProj

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