“Where is that setting?” is a thing of the past with Windows In A Box

screenshot of Windows In A Box

Windows is a swell place to live. So much you can do, if only you can remember where to tweak your system.

Windows In A Box allows you to spend less time looking for where to tweak settings and more time getting back to work. This tool takes all of Windows' settings and puts them in one place on your desktop.

In four dropdown lists, you have access to all of the Windows applications, like Paint and Notepad, as well as commonly used utilities like Scan Disk and Disk Defrag. You can grab more exotic functionality through the Device Manager and the System Configuration Editor. All the Control Panel stuff and UI settings are also available to you. In the time it would take you to just find these guys one at a time, you can adjust them all to you liking, run your diagnostics, and more.

Windows In A Box runs on XP.

Download Windows In A Box

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