RocketDock: ease-of-use for that other operating system

screenshot of RocketDock

You've seen the ads where the Mac and the PC are talking to each other. The Mac can do this stuff and the PC can do that stuff. It's that way in the real world, too, where the partisans of each system argue with those on the "other" side about what great things their machine can do, while that other system is just not quite so good. Here's a way to take away one of the differences between those two systems.

One of the slick things that Macs have in their UI is the Dock. Kind of like the windows Taskbar on steroids, the Dock serves as a quick launch tool, as well as a monitor of currently running apps. Drag icons onto it to include them, drag them off to clean it up. It's simple to use and pretty successful.

Windows users have their own Dock now, in the form of RocketDock. RocketDock calls itself unashamedly "The single greatest piece of software. Ever." While it may not in fact be the greatest thing since sliced bread, it is a worthy addition to your Windows system. You can drag shortcuts onto it for easy access to the corresponding apps. Minimized windows can appear on the Dock, allowing you quicker access to your running programs, without having to [Alt]+[Tab] through all the stuff you don't want to restore.

RocketDock supports multiple displays, and to use screen space more efficiently it can auto-hide, and pop-up when you mouseover.

RocketDock is a Windows app and requires Win2k or better.

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