Unclog your inbox with Junkanoo

screenshot of Junkanoo

It started as a Monty Python sketch. It ended as the scourge of the Internet. Everybody hates spam, but it's a fact of life. Anything that helps to cut down on the amount of junk clogging out inboxes is a good thing.

Junkanoo runs on your desktop and keeps the spam away, while allowing the important stuff to pass through. Using a combination of filters, content recognition (most spam has a link to a website, for example), and other techniques, the publisher claims they can keep 98% of all junk mail out of your inbox and can kill it on the server before you ever download it. You can create your own filters, as well as maintaining a whitelist, to make sure that your mom's messages always get through.

You can check any number of POP3 email accounts, so you can keep things tidy both at home and at work.

Junkanoo is a Windows application and runs on any 32-bit Windows system, from Win95 up through XP.

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